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How to fake fake phone calls to get out of awkward situations


We have all at one time or another seen ourselves in a situation in which we are uncomfortable, either because of the environment, because of the people, because of what is going on around us, or because of a combination of all these reasons. .

At such times we hope that someone will take our hand instead of taking us somewhere else, or that our mobile phone will start ringing non-stop, so we will have to take it and thus avoid the whole situation we were in. before. us.

The first option may not depend on us, but, nevertheless, the one that relates to a smartphone, we can deal with it, since we have solutions that will help us in this task, but not to receive real calls, but rather to imitations. .

We will be able to answer them in the same way as reliable ones, using as an excuse that at this very moment we have an important call, and we must answer immediately.

Simulate calls on Android

The truth is that there are many different ways to pretend that they are calling us through different apps that are available in the Google Play store.

Let’s take a look at how one of the most downloaded apps from the Google app store works. In this case, we will use False call-prank.

Once we have downloaded and installed it on our Android smartphone, we will see the different parts that it consists of once we enter and see the options it offers.

  • Caller: By entering this option, we can customize interesting things such as the name of the person we are going to imitate calling us, their phone number, and even the image that will be visible during the call.
  • Call now: if we click on this option, the call will happen at the same moment as soon as we click and it will do it with the data we set up in the previous case.
  • Program: when we click here, we can choose when we will receive the simulated call from the three possibilities presented to us, such as 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute (60 seconds). Remember that for this the application must be running at least in the background, and the screen must be unlocked.
  • Character: here it will allow us to choose between several characters that have been predefined by the application, such as police, pizza, girl, mom and boyfriend.
  • Ringtone: this is the place where we will be able to choose which ringtone we are going to simulate, with the options from “Ringtones” or set the default ringtone.
  • Voice: This is a very interesting part, because not only will we simulate calls, but we can also make what we record or download from the network be heard as if another person is talking to us.

With all these features that he presents Fake call prankwe can complete our idea of ​​faking a call from another person to try and get rid of any situation in which we are compromised.

Also, with the ability to add a voice, a phone number, an image that we want, the result is so real that anyone will think that you really should answer this call immediately.

Call Simulation on iOS

Apple terminals also have applications that perform the same effect as in the previous case, that is, if we are in an uncomfortable situation, we can avoid receiving a call that must be answered immediately.

To achieve all this, the application we are going to use and which works very simply is called Fake Call.

We are talking about an application that will allow us to simulate calls in order to avoid trouble in some environment or even play a trick on someone.

After downloading and installing on our Apple device, it’s time to find out everything that this application offers us:

  • Hour: here we will be able to set the moment when we want the call to be executed. It should be a short time, because if we lock the screen, the program will no longer be able to work.
  • Caller: We will be able to write the name of the person we are modeling, who is calling us, and we will also be able to add a photo to make the call as real as possible and look like a normal one.
  • Tone and Vibration: We can choose which ringtone we want to sound if we have it for all calls in general, or set a specific one if this is the case in real calls.
  • Sounds: In this option, we will be able to add the sound that is heard through the headset to simulate that someone is really talking to us. We have several examples, but they are in English, so it’s best to create your own version through the application. voice notes. In this way, and if we are good actors, it will seem that we are talking to someone in a completely real way.
  • Wallpaper: The fact of setting a wallpaper on calls is not very useful as it can look like it’s not a real call due to not having the same pattern that the phone naturally has. Maybe there is some benefit in it, but it seemed to us that it was not.

As you have seen on the iPhone, we also have the extremely interesting possibility of simulating a call and thus making others believe that we really should answer the call.

There are other apps on both Android and Apple that you might find useful, as they work the same way and you might like them better for what they are:

  • fake call (Android).
  • call simulator (Android).
  • fake call simulator (Android).
  • Fake Call Plus-Prank Dial App (iOS).
  • #1 Fake call (Android).

They all have a similar way of working to what we have seen, so you will also know how to work with them.

You can let us know on our social media which one you have chosen, whether you have tried all the apps and whether the end result meets your expectations, or anything else you want to let us know.

Source: Computer Hoy

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