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Crazy price for this ultra-light Huawei laptop: only 449 euros and weighs 1.53 kg.


The good news for all those more or less urgently in need of a competitive laptop that doesn’t cost too much money is that one of the brands that has made the strongest commitments in the sector, Huawei, is on sale.

There are a few Matebooks that have dropped in price temporarily, but there is one that is especially cheap right now. He Huawei Matebook D 15 with Intel Core i3 processorwhich costs only 449 euros.

It’s a real deal and it’s becoming one of the best cheap laptops out there right now, at least in terms of value for money. It has Windows 10, although it can be upgraded to the new Windows 11 if desired..

Its specs leave no doubt: it’s a laptop that can run any Windows application smoothly, although it’s clear that due to the Intel Core i3 processor it will cost a bit more with video or photo editing software.

However, its main strength is its versatility, as he barely weighs 1.53 kg and it’s very, very thin, so it’s perfect for both work and university, two of its main uses, as with other ultrabooks.

Of course, like virtually all computers at the moment, it is equipped with an SSD, much faster than a hard drive and essential for everything to function properly in 2022. Moreover, it also has 8 GB of RAM.


We tested many Huawei Matebook models on, including one very similar to this one. So far, both in terms of quality of materials and performance, the feeling has always been very good in all of them.

The Matebook D15 with i3 offer at Huawei’s online store in Spain includes free and fast shipping, so you’ll be eligible for a statutory three-year warranty.

Source: Computer Hoy

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