Cougar has completed its range of gaming keyboards with the Vantar S. This compact model uses flat keycaps and low scissor switches to reduce height to 16.3 millimetres. The board offers six built-in lighting zones for the keys and a translucent strip placed on the sides.

With the 19-key rollover, simultaneous keystrokes should be registered correctly. If desired, WASD and direction keys can be changed in the software with the combination of FN + W. In addition, the manufacturer has created seven different lighting effects and then an extra profile that users can adjust as they wish.

The Vantar S measures 446.5 x 128 x 16.3 millimeters and weighs 910 grams. The included USB cable is 1.6 meters long. Cougar has yet to share pricing or availability information. The regular Vantar was available from three to five tens until early 2019. Given the similarities between these boards, a similar price seems reasonable.

Source: Puma

Source: Hardware Info

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