It seems that the surprises of iPad OS 16 there will be many, with the Cupertino company that, as expected recently, should have the opportunity to deepen everything, including in terms of its other operating systems, during the new WWDC22which will take place from June 6, 2022. We are talking about an update that can make work machines in this particular field even more interesting, with the well-known insider Mark Gurman who recently had the opportunity to look into the matter.

Gurman specifically explained, as reported by MacRumors, that with the new design of iPadOS 16, you can swap the various tasks and control which apps open quickly, customizing the windows of the system. It seems that Apple also wants to implement further ways to make the devices in question work with multiple apps simultaneously, increasing their multitasking potential.

It must be said that the iPad Pro of the company using the SoCs M1 of the Cupertino giant are actually as powerful as Macs, at least in terms of the first models with proprietary chips that have been released, and that therefore an update focused on improvements of this kind will certainly make many users happy, which will make them even more useful find devices before the new update.

However, with developer presentation and beta available in June, iPadOS16 could not hit the market until the fall. It must also be said that the software in question could be different from what we expect, and that in fact the well-known insider has not yet had the chance to get official feedback from the company, for which it will be a time of waiting. a few days left..

Source: Lega Nerd

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