Cell phones, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines🇧🇷 According to Buscapé, these are the most searched categories for Black Fryday 2022. Air conditioners took the lead among the products that grew the most in searches this year, followed by washing machines.

Mobile phones, on the other hand, managed to enter the top 5 among the most searched products, as well as being the most searched category on Black Friday. Check out Friday’s top five (25):

  1. iPhone 13 (from BRL 4,589.09);
  2. iPhone 11 (from BRL 2,969.00);
  3. Galaxy A53 (from BRL 1,554.23);
  4. Galaxy S22 (2,899.00 BRL lowest price);
  5. Galaxy S20 FE (from 1,598.00 BRL to BRL).

Mobile phones

According to Buscapé, some buyers have sought models released in 2022, such as the Galaxy A53. In terms of price, three models were sought in terms of cost effectiveness: Galaxy A53, iPhone 11 and Galaxy S20 FE. Another relevant trend in searches was larger memory, as the three leaders (iPhone 13, Galaxy A53 and Galaxy S20 FE) have 128GB of storage.

most wanted TVs

Source: Samsung/Description.

The second most sought-after category on Buscapé, the most sought-after TVs were 50-inch ones, but the most sought-after overall were 4K LED TVs due to their reasonable cost-benefit ratio.

This was announced on Thursday (24) for two models: LED 50″ Samsung Crystal 4K – most wantedrising to BRL 2,249.10 on Friday, with the lowest price of BRL 2,199.00; and the third most popular LED 50″ LG ThinQ AI 4K with the lowest price of 2,106.30 BRL on Thursday and 2,230.20 BRL on Black Friday).

Rounding out the five most popular TVs, we got: LED 43″ Samsung Crystal 4K (second most wanted, lowest price R$1,913.13); LED 50″ Samsung Crystal 4K (4th most wanted, lowest price 2,338 R$) $20) and LED 65″ Philips 4K (most sought-after farm, lowest price BRL 2,999.00).

Source: Tec Mundo

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