Top Shooter: Maverick this is a fictional movie. However, this also has its share of reality. For example, most of the action movies that come out exist in real life. Although the speeds they achieve are somewhat more fantastic. At least for now. In particular, its main character, Pete “Maverick” goes beyond Mach 10 with the Darkstar experimental jet. The Mach number is actual speed measurement which is often used in aircraft. However, until now, this particular value is only part of the dreams of pilots.

This is a relative measure that is calculated dividing the speed of an object, in this case an aircraft, by the speed of sound. This means that in the best weapon: Maverick reaches ten times the speed of sound. It’s a brutality that can produce a huge sonic boom. In fact, in the film, the plane of the protagonist becomes unstable and connection is lostbut, fortunately, he manages to survive his feat.

In real life, however, no one has ever traveled there by plane. Yes, these speeds have been achieved since ferriesalthough not with a fighter, like those seen in the best weapon.

What is the Mach number used for?

The speed of sound is not a fixed value. We usually hear that on Earth it is 343 m/s. But this is at sea level, in our atmosphere and at 20ºC. The flight altitude, the density of the medium in which the sound propagates, and the temperature at which it is detected are significant factors in measuring this speed.

That’s why the Mach number is so interesting. Fighters like the ones that go out in the best weaponusually reach supersonic speeds. But it is desirable to know to what extent the speed of sound is exceeded. And for this it is not enough just to know its speed, since the speed of sound changes as the aircraft rises or falls and the temperature changes. The Mach number determines ratio between both values, so it’s a lot tighter. In addition, it is used to classify the flight type of an aircraft, such as those used by the Maverick.

If the score is below 0.7, it is considered a flight. subsonic. If from 0.7 to 1.2. transonicif it is between 1,2 and 5 it is supersonic and finally if it goes over 5 it will be what is known as flying hypersonic. What can we see in the second part the best weapon it’s more than hypersonic flight. But how does it exist in real life?

“Best Shooter” Beyond Fantasy

FROM 1967 no one has managed to break the speed record for a fighter jet that is in Mach 6.7. An engineer and a pilot were responsible for such a feat. William Jay Knight. He did it with North American X-15for which he set the flight record for a powered winged aircraft.

In the following years, no one has been able to advance further, although there are projects worth trying. For example, a Canadian designer Charles Bombardier For many years he developed a new concept for a supersonic business jet, called the Antipode. According to him, the car will be able to reach Mach 24 and cross the distance between New York and London in 20 minutes. To do this, it will use a reusable propellant similar to the one SpaceX uses to launch its ships into space. They will accelerate the plane to Mach 5 and then lift off to make room for ramjet engine this would speed it up to Mach 24.

The Bombardier design will cover the distance between London and New York in 20 minutes.

Bombardier Realizes It’s Simple For Now proof of concept. There are many gaps in its design that are difficult to solve with current technology. However, the very fact of studying its viability for him is already an advance. Come on, I’m free to dream, but it’s clear that, given the imagination, Bombardier was even more excited than the screenwriters the best weapon.

And the fact is that in fact the Maverick challenge is difficult, but perhaps not so far-fetched in the future. Reaching Mach 24, especially in a passenger plane, seems even more science fiction. Actually, Concorde only reached Mach 2.03.. Perhaps it would not hurt to first go through the intermediate points. Of course, this would be much more appropriate.

Source: Hiper Textual

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