Netatmo announced a new feature in a press release: Smart security products (indoor and outdoor camera, door and window sensors, and siren) can communicate with each other starting today. As soon as there is a burglary or a suspicious person around the house, all connected sirens will sound and the garden lighting will turn on. Additionally, the user receives a notification via the Home + Security app and can choose what actions to follow, such as alerting the police.

The system uses face recognition to determine if a person is one of the preset faces. In addition to hum, indoor sirens can also make sounds such as barking, howling or vacuuming. So it looks like someone is home. The cameras do not require a subscription and store video locally on a micro SD card.

Netatmo offers the following smart security products:

  • indoor security camera (list price €199.99)
  • outdoor camera with siren (list price €349.99)
  • outdoor camera without siren (list price 319.99 €)
  • smart door and window sensors (list price € 99.99)
  • indoor siren (suggested retail price €79.99

Also, these products are available packaged in a variety of packages.

Source: Netatmo

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Product Price

Netatmo Security Package

Netatmo Security Package

274,00 €

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Source: Hardware Info

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