In early June 2023, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) held a live broadcast to announce the development of a model to categorize and evaluate these Unidentified Anomalous Events (UFO, UFO or UAP). This Thursday (14), starting at 11 am (Brasília time), the space agency will hold another event to comment on the future of research.

The new livestream will be broadcast on NASA’s YouTube channel, but will also take place in person in Washington DC, USA. The purpose of the press conference will be: Publish the first report on research involving UAPs based on reliable data and a scientific perspective.

According to experts, the first report It will cover the types of sensors, devices and data sets they use, and Can help scientific research on UFOs. In other words, they probably haven’t started studying UFOs yet; The collective must come up with what the next steps will be to achieve a better understanding of the phenomenon.

Watch NASA’s live coverage of UFOs below at 11 a.m. (Brasília time):

“Approximately 30 minutes before the briefing, the agency will post online the team’s full report, which aims to inform NASA about what potential data may be collected in the future to clarify the nature and origin of UFOs. The report is not a review or evaluation of previous unidentified observations. Currently, a limited number of high-quality observations of UFOs are available, making it impossible to draw definitive scientific conclusions about their nature,” NASA explains in an official statement.

NASA and UFO report

NASA’s study of UFOs began in October 2022, when the North American space agency announced it was forming a team of science, aviation and data analysis experts to seek answers about the phenomenon. Members of the team include astrophysicist and team leader David Spergel, former astronaut Scott Kelly, computer professor and member of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Anamaria Berea, and others.

In the first broadcast, the agency explained that the stereotype about UFOs should be ended because the sightings were part of a real event and were not understood by humanity. Since NASA is also responsible for ensuring the safety of United States airspace, the team aims to understand the nature of UAPs to protect its pilots and the American public.

“The independent UFO study team consists of 16 community experts in diverse fields on topics related to potential methods of studying unidentified anomalous events. NASA describes this study as a roadmap for how to use science’s data and tools to study UFOs from a scientific perspective and advance our understanding of UFOs.” commissioned to create it.” adds NASA.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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