Javis They have once again revolutionized the Internet with the release of a new series: Messiah. Although there is no direct mention of Flos Mariae, there is more than obvious inspiration in the family from which this Christian group originated, the source of numerous memes. But the series is not about children, but about mothers: Montserrat.

The name they gave the series is perfect because mother of a large family She was obsessed with caring for both her family and the rest of humanity. She claimed that God sent her to this world to Spread your word and care for your neighborbut he did it in a way that clearly indicated mental health problems.

And if we say that the name Javis gave her on the show is appropriate, it is because she may have suffered from a psychological condition known as Messiah Complex. It is not a diagnosable disease as such. Actually, It is not part of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.where all conditions that can be diagnosed in psychology and psychiatry are found.

However, it entails a number of features that may accompany disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or delusional disorder. It is possible that Maria, the person inspired by the Montserrat character, never made any of these diagnoses. Mainly because neither she nor her family thought she needed mental health help. She was the one who was supposed to help everyone. But if she ever walked into a mental health professional’s office, it’s more than likely that, with or without a diagnosis, there would be plenty of ways for her to get help and free her children along the way. practically became intra-family sect.

Character who inspired Messiah

Montserrat says God sent her to spread His word and save others. For this it was provided big family who could use music to accomplish this difficult task. I was obsessed too protect your childrenwhom he constantly warned about the dangers of the world outside the doors of their home.

Maria, the person inspired by this character, discovered over time that she could do much more. He could not only put his children in the service of God through music. She herself could help many people through religious councils website which he kept open until his death in 2015.

A variety of people came to her for help: from homosexuals afraid of offending God to sick people. He, of course, gave recommendations to the latter very far from scientific data.

In short, as well described in The Messiah through Montserrat, Mary believed that she had the power and responsibility to save the world. He considered himself a supreme being whose only goal in life was to help the people around him become better people. best christians. This is a clear example of a Messiah complex. But what exactly does this involve?

Jerusalem syndrome is a much more specific example of the Messiah complex. Photo: Raymond Klaviers (Unsplash)

A complex that is not always of religious origin

Some psychologists describe the state of those people who constantly feel obligated to help others as having a Messiah complex. Although this means put your own well-being at risk.

It doesn’t always have a religious component. There are people who simply believe that they have moral duty to help others. This happens, for example, with some animal loverswho come to adopt so many children that they are unable to properly care for them. But they keep bringing home more and more because they believe that only they can save them.

Despite this secular component, indeed, the Messiah complex is usually associated with religious beliefs. Messiah Javis is a good example. In these cases, comorbid disorders often occur, such as paranoid schizophreniawhich often causes patients to experience hallucinations of power talk to God.

The curious thing is that the Messiah complex can arise constantly, as it happens with Montserrat, or punctually. In the latter case, the so-called Jerusalem syndrome is very common. This occurs in people, usually with previous mental stateswho visit the holy city and, upon realizing the difference between the peace it supposedly proclaims and the conflicts behind it, their minds crumble, causing them to experience religious hallucinations. Among these hallucinations, of course, there may be the belief that they are sent by God to do good.

Messiah is not alone

The case with mother Flos Marie or Montserrat in the series is not the only famous one People with a Messiah complex.

One of the most common examples of this mental condition is Laszlo TothAustralian geologist who became famous in 1972 after the destruction of Michelangelo’s Pietà.

He was not jailed for the attack, but was hospitalized in Italy for two years due to mental problems. And having broken the statue, he insisted that it was Jesus Christ who had returned to Earth and that God made him break the statue because Christ, being eternal, could not have a mother.

In fact, a year earlier he had moved to Italy precisely to be closer to the Pope, from whom he asked to recognize him as Jesus Christ. It is logical that this never received the approval of the Supreme Pontiff. However, this did not stop him from continuing to do what he believed to be the good works of the Messiah who had come to save the world.

Source: Hiper Textual

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