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Epic Games’ first NFT game is accused of stealing before it even goes on sale


NFT games have become more explosive than ever, especially in terms of numbers. In part, this has generated interest from the main players in the sector, such as Ubisoft, Epic Games or Tencent.

Well, in this case, Epic Games, the developer and publisher of Fortnite, has officially announced their NFT game called GRIT, a game developed by the Web3 gaming company, Gala Games, with a battle royale theme set in the Wild West.

This is a milestone event for the company as it the first blockchain game to launch on the Epic Games Store. However, despite the early announcement, GRIT is scheduled to release later this year on the Unreal Engine.

That’s why problems appear long before this phone goes on sale. At the game’s promotional event hosted by Gala Games, those who attended were able to obtain a unique Epic-rated mount.

However, this became A 3D model of a horse that can be purchased for $29.99. in the Epic Games Asset Store. This, of course, sparked allegations of fraud. If you don’t buy a horse, the horse is worth nothing.

But that’s not all. And the thing is, there have been numerous allegations on Twitter that they stole this 3D model of a horse from an artist and included it in their game to get money.

Initially, this video game was not focused on NFTs, but after its agreement with Gala Games, their sale was integrated, whose first surprise package is almost 19,000 Gala (this platform’s cryptocurrency), whose current exchange rate makes one of these boxes. which includes one of 10,000 random characters. costs about 1400 euros.

This announcement is part of Web3’s strategy to further attract followers in the field, which Steam has abandoned as it also recently announced the AAA studio’s first Web3 first-person shooter.

As for GRIT, the criticism is not only related to the theft of 3D models and fraud, but also to accusations that they a cheap copy of one of his great video games, Fotnite.

We don’t know what will happen to the launch if it finally hits the market (it seems so), but the bad reputation is already there, although who knows if this contributes to the popularity of the game.

Source: Computer Hoy

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