While companies sometimes only focus on developing new features for their systems, it is certainly nice to see how they sometimes realize the results achieved. Indeed, this makes it possible to provide an overview of some data that can be particularly interesting in certain cases.

In this specific case we speak of Microsoft and from Side, the browser from the company Redmond now ready to compete excellently with the rest of the market offer, also with some particularly useful features. One specifically pertains to the cards, which have the ability to fall asleep after some time of use, with the company talking about how the novelty alone 28 daysthe past few, to spare 273 Petabytes of RAM. A really exorbitant number, exactly 273,000 Terabytes by breaking it down to make it clearer, which has to do with 6 billion cards with 40 MB of memory each.

Although individually the figure seems extremely redundant, given the RAM of which modern devices are equipped, although this obviously varies depending on the configurations. The overall result certainly indicates how in reality everything gradually turns out to be particularly useful, with each computer from time to time having small savings in terms of not indifferent memory.

With the ability to completely change some details, Microsoft Edge automatically sets the novelty in question for all users, by setting the timer for the cards that are automatically deactivated at 2 hours, but with everything that can be changed by users individually by going to the settings.

Source: Lega Nerd

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