It’s been 24 years since the first iMac was released: that was Steve Jobs’ brutal presentation

The first all-in-one from Apple officially turns 24 with a big evolution behind it.

By Francisco Fernandez on Mac

Back May 1998, Steve Jobs marked the presentation of a computer that will surprise all users. While the rest of the equipment on the market is rather slow and small, Apple unveils its most famous all-in-one device It will appear before the public, which will disrupt all the plans of the competition and launch a new line of equipment: the iMac.

We are talking about what is popularly known iMac G3 or original iMaca powerful desktop computer with an integrated display, which turned out to be brutal for the characteristics of the equipment of the time. Its design has always given a lot to talk about as they are available in beautiful colors just like the latest iMac models and they are officially fulfilled today. 24 years of launch The first iMac on the market

24 years of the iMac: this is how Steve Jobs surprised with presentation

As we mentioned, 24 years ago Steve Jobs left the presentation iMac G3 official. This team was really amazing because it’s just power it up it was already possible to have electricity and optionally telephone line internet, start using it. He was pressing the power button and it could magically start to work with him.

At that time, computers with Windows operating systems were becoming more and more fashionable, while Apple was close to bankruptcyAfter 10 months of hard work, the iMac G3 is officially released by Steve Jobs. Currently, the technical characteristics of this equipment are very limited, but the truth is they made it work very fast and be compatible. with almost everything you need:

  • PowerPC G3 processor clocked at 233 MHz
  • 15″ CRT display with 1024×768 pixel resolution
  • 32MB RAM
  • 4GB hard disk
  • CDROM 24x
  • Modem for internet connection via dial-up network
  • 100Mb 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • infrared port

The iMac G3 is just a great powerbut it also had the great advantage of being able to connect to the Internet by simply plugging it into the telephone network, a feature that may be about to disappear from Macs. Modern design for time created by Jony Ive and accessories Matching has become the personal equipment of many.

This is iMac. It is completely translucent. You can see inside. This is so cool…

Apple iMac G3

The iconic color iMac G3 celebrates 24 years of its official launch

original iMac It was selling for $1,299 at launch.It was available in different colors to suit every wearer’s taste: Bondi Blue, Blueberry, Grape, Graphite, Indigo, Lime, Sage, Strawberry, Ruby, Snow and Tangerine. Additionally, two models were available: Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power.

we talk about The team that managed to save Appleand thanks to the fact that today all-in-one computers are increasingly popular and more powerful among users. we can do it today Congratulations to this amazing team for doing nothing less than 24 years currently on the market although it is mainly an object for collectors, museums and fans of the brand.

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