German startup Electronic Rebellion It has been suggested that any car with an internal combustion engine running on petrol or diesel can be convert to electric. The company has presented a very interesting kit that takes care of exactly this.

While it’s not the first car-to-electric vehicle conversion option to hit the market, the e-Revolt particularly stands out for its speed. The company claims it can transform your car. in just 8 hourswhen other solutions may require weeks or months of work.

The e-Revolt kit for converting cars with internal combustion engines into electric ones is quite simple and versatile. According to the Teutonic firm, it can be realized in more than 40 modelsand while not all of the compatible ones have been revealed, some specific ones have been mentioned, such as the SEAT León, Audi A3 and VW Polo and Golf.

If you’re wondering how e-Revolt can convert a petrol or diesel car into an electric one in just one working day, the answer lies in the way the company has designed its equipment. The company has developed a solution in accordance with the philosophy plug and play which allows you, in a very simplified way, to “remove” the conventional motorization and replace it with an electric one (along with the corresponding battery) in a simple and fast way.

How e-Revolt turns your petrol or diesel car into an electric one

As we stated earlier, e-Revolt ensures that the procedure for converting a car to electric is quite simple. In addition, this is carried out through a network of certified workshops.

First, a technical inspection is carried out on the car to make sure everything is in order, and then we proceed to remove the internal combustion engine and all elements that will no longer be needed after the transformation is completed. We’re talking about the transmission, fuel tank and exhaust pipe, for example.

Once this is done we will begin installing the conversion kit under the hood. In the same place where a petrol or diesel engine was previously located, e-Revolt places a structure that shelters new electric motor, battery and charging port. To ensure proper and safe installation, the equipment uses the original motor mounting points.

But that’s not all, the German company also uses a module called electronic CAN. This component is responsible for controlling everything associated with the electric drive system and powers the new system. infotainment system which is installed in the cabin. Thus, from the additional screen you can control autonomy, charging process, and also access navigation services and other applications.

Some points are still unclear

Photo: e-Revolt

The electronic rebellion proposal seems very attractive, but unfortunately it lacks clarity on several points. First of all, Neither the power of the electric motor nor the capacity of the batteries is mentioned. or your recharge speed. On its website, the German company only mentions that its platform provides a range of 250 kilometers when fully charged. As mentioned in euronewsit can stretch up to 300 kilometers and they are working to expand it even further.

If you’re wondering about the price of converting your petrol or diesel car to electric, it varies depending on the model. However, the firm indicates that it is in the range from 12,000 to 15,000 euros. Moreover, e-Revolt claims that despite the modifications, the car does not lose any of its assistance or insurance systems.

What happens to the internal combustion engine and other components removed from the car? e-Revolt supports its efforts in the field of circular economy and confirms that all parties recycled or reused responsibly.

Source: Hiper Textual

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