Although everything seemed to have stopped in favor of a possible location in Italy, the Tesla plant project in Ceste (Valencia) continues. At least this is what follows from the latest movements of local and regional administrations. As El Español notes, the municipality of Cheste has already begun the process of expropriating the land on which it will be located. And don’t confirm this: the Generalitat of Valencia has changed the regulation prohibiting advertising of the project.

Thus, as well as with the land of the proposed Tesla factory outside the public exhibition Strategic territorial project, part of the company’s claims are upheld, which did not approve of the advertising given to the factory in its initial leaks. In fact, this was one of the reasons why many voices pointed to abandoning it.

Logically, Tesla is not mentioned in any of the administrative movements that were launched in the lands of Cheste. But officially this is a process of expropriation with the aim of unifying the industrial space where the Tesla plant will later be located.

Valencia is an ideal hub for Tesla and electric vehicles

The launch of the Tesla plant is key to the industrial future of the region, which has made a strong commitment to the production of electric vehicles and which, from the point of view of traditional cars, makes it very interesting for the entire automotive industry. industry. In fact, last year the regional government announced the launch Valencian Battery Alliancean organization consisting of 23 international companies and academic institutions.

Among the many companies included in the organization: FordIberdrola, UBE, Stadler, Zeleros, Nutai, IDOM, Endurance Motive, CEV Technologies, Ampere Energy, Inelcom Technology, ITERA Mobility Engineering, HESS, INFAMOL, Endurance, Astondoa, Fácil Solutions, Grupo Valautomoción, Grupo Segura, Grupo Gimeno, Witrac, Torrecid, Itera, Vitrak and Mettekno.

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All this, coupled with the company’s ability to benefit from European funds as well as the injections provided by PERTE, makes Valencia the ideal location for this. Now that the land is in the hands of the Cheste City Council, the road to Testa is completely ready. Next step? The first stone of the gigafactory.

Source: Hiper Textual

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