DGT is already preparing to implement first smart roads. A city has even been chosen to host this ambitious project, which aims to improve traffic and driver safety by allowing roads to connect with vehicles.

DGT smart highways will be put into operation Gipuzkoa. Particularly on motorways AP-8 and AP-1. The Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa is currently working on this project called iISODDUS which, in addition, is supported by the European Union, which will contribute to the financing of some of the technologies that will be installed on different lanes of the aforementioned motorways.

However, the project is currently responsible for road infrastructure; this year 2024 has begun and it is expected to be ready by 2027. It also has investments of 5 million euros and collaborations from companies such as Tecnalia, Ceit, Ferrovial and Ford. But what do the smart motorways that DGT wants to implement in Guipuzcoa actually consist of?

This is what DGT smart roads will be like

Image: Unsplash.

Smart highways will have system of cameras and various sensors which will allow DGT to detect any abnormal situation on the road, for example, construction work, adverse weather conditions that impede traffic, accidents, breakdowns, etc. After this, through Bluetooth and 5G communicatorsThe General Traffic Directorate can send notifications directly to connected vehicles to ensure they take utmost care.

While it is true that we can receive these notifications in other ways, such as through the map app on our phone, smart motorways will allow you to notify in real time and in a much more accurate way. In addition, cameras and sensors will be installed in tunnels and outdoors.

It is also important to highlight that if this technology finally arrives in 2027, Spain This will be the first country in Europe to have smart motorways. which are connected in a certain way to the vehicles that circulate through them. This is significant progress, given that the European Union intends to introduce these technologies on various roads in the territory in 20250.

Source: Hiper Textual

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