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Elon Musk admitted that Tesla factories are a furnace for burning money


Although it has been a long time since we constantly reported the lack of materials in Europe and the price of chips and batteries is a problem that persists.

And the point is not only in the periodic shutdown of factories, but also in the increase in prices, which directly hits the pockets of consumers.

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin went live at full capacity on March 22 after two years of construction and at a cost of around 4 billion euros. The decision to build it in Germany, according to Tesla, is due to the fact that the country is a world automotive power and has a strong network of suppliers of spare parts and materials.

More recently, Musk put on a big show called the Tesla Cyber ​​Rodeo where he unveiled his Austin, Texas factory and introduced major new features like autopilot.

Well, judging by what he himself reports, both turned into a real furnace for burning millions of dollars, in which there are more costs than benefits. “It really does sound like a giant roar, the sound of burning money.”Musk said.

Tesla’s Austin plant currently produces a very small number of vehicles, in part because some components for its batteries have been held up at a Chinese port. And that’s what recent cases of coronavirus infection in the countrywhich forced many cities to close, did not favor the brand.

To give just one example, strict restrictions were imposed on the movement of people and materials, including in the financial, manufacturing and transportation hub of Shanghai.

Despite all this, the intentions are only for improvement. According to Business Insider, the billionaire plans to close the Shanghai plant for a few weeks to increase its size.

Target increase plant productionbringing it closer to the company’s goal of producing 22,000 vehicles per week.

Source: Computer Hoy

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