Raising a lot of expectations Rivia officially introduced P2, its new mid-size SUV. The electric vehicle maker has been waiting for its next-generation platform and vehicle for quite some time. And although some features – and even part of its design – have already become known, the short event left room for surprises. The thing is that R. J. Scaringe’s company pulled out two more crossovers from the galley, which will appear on the market in the coming years: Rivian R3 And R3X.

If we focus on the Rivian R2, we can see that it retains the design language we already knew from the R1T and R1S. The oval headlights, a trademark of the company, once again speak of the present. And the car is easy to recognize at first glance as a Rivian.

Another point to highlight about the Rivian R2 is that It’s much smaller than the R1S.. The next generation SUV has a length of 4,715 meters and a wheelbase of 2,935 meters. Moreover, its height is 1.7 meters. We are talking about dimensions significantly smaller than the model currently on the market, which has a length of 5.1 meters, a height of 1,837 meters and a wheelbase of 3,075 meters.

According to Rivian’s CEO, the R2 is the perfect size to fit into any garage or small space while also providing excellent maneuverability. As for the rest of the technical characteristics of the car, there are still several issues that need to be resolved. For example, what will be the capacity of the battery and what power will the motors have?

Rivian R2 is official, but it’s still a couple of years away

What was mentioned about the Rivian R2 battery is that it will be structural and will use 4695 cylindrical cells. As for motorization, three versions will be released:

  • One enginerear drive.
    Dual motorone on each axis.
  • Trimotortwo on the rear axle and one on the front.

All configurations promise more than 480 kilometers of autonomy, and the most powerful variant (trimotor) will accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in “significantly less” 3 seconds.

The R2 is Rivian’s next big step in expanding its presence in electric mobility. And also compete in the market with an increasing number of participants and go in search of long-awaited profitability. The company’s next midsize SUV will feature 11 cameras and 5 radars, as well as a new computing platform that will be heavily focused on autonomous driving.

According to Scaringe, this technology will allow the car to have “very high level of autonomous driving”. The executive didn’t give any details, but added a phrase that didn’t go unnoticed: “For us, this means being able to get on the highway, take your hands off the wheel, take your eyes off the road and drive it in a way to reclaim your time. We are very excited about what this car represents for us.”

The Rivian R2 will have an estimated launch price next year. US$45,000 and deliveries will begin at first half of 2026. Those interested can now reserve it through the manufacturer’s website with an initial refundable deposit of $100. No details about the SUV’s international availability have been announced yet. Of course, everything suggests that this model could mark the company’s arrival in Europe (not counting Amazon trucks, of course).

R3 and R3X: unexpected crossovers

During the Rivian R2 presentation, RJ Scaringe had his moment. Something elselike Steve Jobs. There were actually two of them. The first big surprise was the appearance Rivian R3, an electric crossover based on the same R2 platform, but more compact and with a lower price. The second was the presentation R3Xa sportier version inspired by rallying.

The company practically did not disclose more detailed information about the technical part of either of these two models. Since it is based on the same platform as the mid-size SUV, we can assume that it will use the same 4695 battery structure and they will at least have a similar range. It is currently unknown when reservations will open for these models.

Anyway, Rivian published in your X (Twitter) account that R3X deliveries will begin after R2 deliveries. Thus, in the coming months we may get more official news about both this model and the traditional Rivian R3..

Source: Hiper Textual

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