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Friday, June 21, 2024
Home Tech Does turning off the air conditioner in a car really help save...

Does turning off the air conditioner in a car really help save gas?


Everyone wants to save a few euros every time they visit a gas station. It’s normal, it’s never been as expensive as it is now, and our pockets have to carry it despite the fact that our salaries haven’t gone up.

To save those euros, you may have tried methods such as: becoming a member of gas stations, sharing a car with colleagues, turning off the air conditioner, even if we are in full varus…

But does turning off the air conditioner while driving help save gas? Let’s see if this trick is real, older than most of us, or just a baseless myth.


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David Bennett, director of repair systems for the American Automobile Association (AAA), explained this weekend that your car’s air conditioner increases the load on the engine, which leads to increased fuel consumption.

However, the usage is so minor that most people won’t notice it. Also, the specific design and configuration of your vehicle can affect whether you save money.

If you turn off your air conditioner to save gas, you’ll likely roll down your windows to keep you cool. But by doing this, you increase the drag of your car. This makes your car consume more fuel.

Although there are some exceptions in which it is possible to drive a few more kilometers than with the air on (in the city and with very little windows rolled down) It’s not as effective as slowing down, car sharing, or checking tire pressure.

In short, it’s best to keep the windows up, set the air conditioner to the right level (21 degrees, neither cold nor hot), and don’t turn your car into a noisy sauna just because you want to save a few cents per kilometer.

Source: Computer Hoy

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