Generally, if a pregnancy test is positive, it means that the woman who took it is pregnant. Logical, right? However, this is not always the case. In very rare cases, they may false positives. The most common is that they are also associated with pregnancy. For example, they may occur after fetal death immediately after implantation. It may also be due to traces of drugs used in infertility treatment. But besides this, false positives are possible even in men. And, of course, as usual, when it comes to cis-maleIt will have nothing to do with pregnancy.

In these cases, the cause of a positive pregnancy test result is something much more serious. And there are some tumors among which testiclewhich can trigger the synthesis of the hormone that these types of tests measure.

This is about human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG for its abbreviation in English), which is generated in the trophoblast. That is, in a set of cells that form a few days after pregnancy and eventually give rise to placenta. Therefore, it is logical to assume that this prescribing pregnancy tests. But it can also be generated in the so-called trophoblastic tumors. There are several types, but among them there is a class testicular tumor.

What does a pregnancy test measure?

Pregnancy tests work in a similar way to pharmacy antigen tests. In their case, instead of finding the proteins of the COVID-19 virus, they are looking for beta hcg.

HCG is made up of two subunits known as alpha and beta. The former is very similar to subunits found in other hormones. Therefore, if pregnancy tests focused on her, there would be many more false positives. To avoid this problem, they are looking for a much more specific beta subunit of this hormone generated in the placenta.

Being a hormone that begins to be synthesized in the very early stages of pregnancy, helps to quickly determine pregnancy. In addition, it can be done with both blood and urine, making it easy for pregnant women to test themselves at home.

Link between hCG and testicular cancer

There are many types of testicular cancer that can be classified according to origin. One of these is testicular epithelial trophoblastic tumor, also known as choriocarcinoma. This occurs when the trophoblast is not properly differentiated. It is malignant and has a strong metastasis, so it is important to detect it as early as possible. And precisely because of its connection with the trophoblast, one of the ways to diagnose it is through search for hCG. In fact, already in the 1990s, they began to analyze its relationship with the levels of this hormone, both hCG in general and its beta subunit.

Tests that are carried out They are not quite the same as pregnancy tests.but the basis is the same. So if a person with one of these tumors received a predictor, they would most likely test positive.

This not normal. However, if someone tries and gets two lines, they should see a doctor. This is a very rare case, but it can happen, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of a professional.

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