Maybe teach a robot perform complex tasks characteristic of a trained person. However, when it comes to imitate babies, things are changing. Yes, oddly enough. And the fact is that people in the first months of life have a vision of the world that has not yet been manipulated. Our learning, though under the logical influence of education, has a high dose of intuition, which is clearly seen when an infant is surprised to see movements that do not obey the laws of physics. This is what I still couldn’t do artificial intelligence (AI). But only so far, as a team of scientists from the company deep mind developed an algorithm that can be trained in the same way as a child at the age of several months.

During training, an artificial intelligence algorithm called DISH to teach physics through machine coding and object tracking, he was shown videos of balls moving in different shapes. In this way, he was able to gradually acquire knowledge that enabled him to discern the basic laws by which one can distinguish newborn.

Like a month old baby, the AI ​​does not understand the physical depths per se. However, he can distinguish between something possible and something impossible. Just like a baby is surprised at what cannot be, artificial intelligence detects that something is wrong. After all, this is his way of being surprised.

The basic laws that the baby learns without realizing it

These scientists built on research that psychologists had done over the years. infant behavior. It is known that they are able to distinguish the action of a number of concepts.

Primarily, strength. That is, they find that two solid objects cannot pass through each other. On the other hand, they are fully aware constancy. This means that an object fixed in one place cannot suddenly disappear. Finally they discover continuity, so the object moves in space following coherence. You cannot suddenly jump from one place to another.

This is the main thing babies do. However, these scientists added to their artificial intelligence the ability to distinguish immutabilityin which the properties of objects cannot change, and inertia of movement.

PLATO learned all this through a series balloon video. This was part of a learning process in which data is fed into an artificial intelligence algorithm so that it can create patterns that allow it to perform certain actions. For example, if you want to train an AI to detect breast cancer on mammograms, it will be trained on thousands of pictures with and without cancer before it sets its own criteria.

I must say that this is partly What are the children doing. They observe the world and draw their own conclusions. Although it seems that they do it better than robots. Incredible.


Successful AI Training PLATO

According to the authors of the study, in a study published in Nature Human Behaviorartificial intelligence training was so effective that in some cases it was possible to in just 28 hours.

After this time, if PLATO saw new scenes, real this time, he would surprised which they didn’t make sense. I even found something strange in the physically impossible scenes, which was not in any of the videos he trained with. But does this mean that we can now talk about artificial intelligence capable of behaving like a baby? Not so fast.

These scientists believe that PLATO is still far from the capabilities of a three-month-old baby. And the fact is that although he achieved great success, he still behaved with some limitations. For example, his surprise was much less in implausible scenarios in which there were no objects.

In addition, scientists had to provide him with some additional information so that he would acquire the knowledge that he then showed. This could answer a question that scientists have long asked about the human species. In what degree breeding superior to innate?

In short, this artificial intelligence is a step forward in the race to make robots more human-like. But it is also a new way of understanding people. Because, although science is working hard to achieve it, it is clear that understanding us is not at all easy.

Source: Hiper Textual

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