A miracle for the eyes is the existence of sea ​​dragons A real treat for divers, they have a dazzling robe made of leaf-like ornaments and float among the algae swaying on the ocean. However, on the other hand, they have no teeth, no ribs, and curved and twisted spines.

Scientists have uncovered genetic clues and discovered why they stand out. These animals are part of the same family as pipefish and seahorses. The latter is known for developing male pregnancy.

To make this discovery, the team sequenced the genomes of two different species of sea dragons. These are the leafy dragon and the common sea dragon. Both were found in cold waters off the coast of Australia. Because of their leaf-like ornaments, sea dragons sometimes they mix in so good that they are hard to see between the cliffs. Therefore, the third species of the ruby ​​dragon was identified only in 2017.

The three species of sea dragons are special because of their shapes, colors and long tubular snouts that suck crustaceans. However, the sea dragon seems to have lost the extravagant ornaments of the other two in evolution. Other studies have tried to figure out the reason for them distinctive features

Sea dragons have been found to have a large number of repeating sequences called transposons in their DNA compared to their ilk. They are mobile and jump and create rapid genetic changes. That may be why they evolved so quickly.

Unlike other distant relatives, sea dragons lack a piece genes The latter plays an essential role in other vertebrates. For example, the formation of the facial structure, teeth, limbs and nerves.

Researchers have their own hypothesis. The loss of such genes may explain the elongated face and ornamentation of sea dragons. However, other research will be helpful to have a full history of the evolution of these animals.

Source: Lega Nerd

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