New research certainly shows the link between miscarriage and stroke. Pregnancy experiences for a woman can be warning indicators of future health problems. The study was based on data from 618,851 women in eight separate studies in different states around the world. Those who were aged between 32 and 73 were then followed for 11 years.

The results of that study reported that 9,265 women had at least one nonfatal stroke, while
4,003 had it fatal. A total of 91,569 women had an episode of miscarriagewhile
the other 24,873 an experience of delivery of a dead fetus. In pregnant women who had a spontaneous abortion, there was an 11% higher risk of non-fatal stroke.

On the other hand, they also had a 17% higher risk of fatal stroke than those without spontaneous abortion. In addition, the risk of stroke increased with each miscarriage she had, and so did the stillbirth. In pregnant women with a history of stillbirth, the risk of non-fatal stroke was 31%, while the risk of fatal stroke was greater than 7%.

Another peculiarity confirmed by the study concerns the different subtypes of strokes. Stillbirths are linked to nonfatal or hemorrhagic stroke. On the other hand, spontaneous abortions are associated with both subtypes. The explanation could lie in problems with endothelial cells that regulate vascular relaxation and contraction by releasing enzymes for blood clotting.

The study also looked at other risk factors for stroke. For example, I smoke
high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and many others. Doctors can intervene by adjusting these factors
risk, isolating the increased risk associated with the rate of spontaneous abortions or stillbirths.

Source: Lega Nerd

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