NASA’s Cassini mission of researchers at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) reported data from a further study. The measurement of the elliptical craters of the two moons of Saturn, Tethys and Dione. Yes, they are a rarity because of their elliptical shape. Usually the most common craters are circular, formed by impact conditions. On the other hand, if they are elliptical they are almost a rarity, they are believed to be formed by slow impacts and with little depth.

The shape and orientation of the discovered elliptical craters report the orbits of objects that could
after hitting the two moons, they estimate their age. Researchers on Dione, Saturn’s fourth largest moon, have found
discovered a pattern between the elliptical craters along the lunar equator. In addition, they have identified similar craters
on the equator of Teti, Saturn’s fifth largest moon. Here were such craters along with others high
height, similar to that of Neptune’s moon Triton. Here, perhaps the answer to the cause of the craters
high altitude observed on Tethys.

We initially interpreted this model as representing two different populations of impactors that create these craters. One group was responsible for creating the elliptical craters at the equator, while another, less concentrated population may be more representative of the normal background population of impactors in the area. Using Triton as a guideline, Tethys could reasonably be billions of years old. This age estimate depends on the amount of material available for surface impact and when it was available.

Sierra Ferguson, lead author of the study and postdoctoral researcher

Scientists believe the formation of equatorial craters is due to independent debris disks in
orbit around the moon. Otherwise even from a single disk of debris affecting both moons. Over there
Future research team will compare its findings on Saturn with other planets for confirmation
about the formation of such craters.

Source: Lega Nerd

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