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Digi is giving away 50GB to its fiber customers on their own iCloud/Google Drive.


Storing everything in the cloud seems to be the future. Over the past few years, this type of service has been promoted to such an extent that even telephone operators have their own cloud for their customers. Come on, Google and Apple had competitors who could play unexpected cards..

Google Cloud Storage is Google Drive and it’s free for all users with a Mountain View company account. What this company offers users is 15 GB of storage, including the space taken up by photos and videos. from Google Photos, such as Gmail emails.

Apple has iCloud, which offers users a pretty ridiculous amount, if 15 GB of Google Drive is not enough for you; The 5 GB offered by iCloud will seem like a tiny amount. In addition, as with Google services, this storage is distributed along with iCloud Drive photos and documents.


Google Drive

With all that in mind, the truth is that getting free cloud storage is always good news. In fact, you may not know this: if you are an Amazon Prime customer, you have access to the cloud, where you can upload unlimited photos at maximum quality and videos up to a storage limit of 5 GB.

Leaving aside the cloud storage offerings that come from companies like Google or Apple, it’s time to talk about a topic that interests and excites us. Digi offers 50 GB of storage on their platform called DIGI Storage Spain.. What is the condition? Be a client of an optical fiber and a mobile operator operating within our borders.

Of course, there is a fine print to access this offer. Those people who have only contracts for mobile lines will not be able to access, the promotion is only available for those people who have a contract for fiber at home. usually in any type of dwelling they own or rent.

To start using 50GB of cloud storage, Digi said it will contact its customers to activate their account on the platform. That’s why it’s better to be patient, because if you are a Digi customer, it is likely that within a few hours you will receive an informative email with the necessary recommendations..

Source: Computer Hoy

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