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Now you can ask Google Prints in Europe to print your vacation photos and even a painting.


For those who don’t know Google has been offering book printing in the US since 2017. a service that began rolling out in Europe the following year. And then, in 2019, Google started offering photo and canvas prints in their country.

From today, these two additional print services are available to Google Photos users in 28 European countries. – basically the entire European Union plus the UK – and in Canada. By the way, in 2022 he closed Google Cloud Print.

While there are third-party photo printing services that allow you to upload photos directly from online platforms like Google, adding a print service directly to Google Photos eliminates the need to give another company access to your Google account.


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Also, Google Photos has a built-in search feature that allows users to find photos by location, time, people and pets, objects and objects.which is especially useful for those who want to print very specific types of photos.

In Europe printouts of individual photos start from 0.15 euros per piece. (excluding shipping and taxes), and the cost increases depending on the size.

Canvas prints, meanwhile, stand starting at £23.99 in the UK for an 8.8-inch print, but it’s unclear how much they cost in the eurozone; a direct translation from the pound sterling would mean about 28 euros.

It is also noteworthy that In 2020, Google introduced a photo print subscription service that uses artificial intelligence to automatically print and send the top 10 photos of the month. user.

At around $7 a month in the United States, this offer has yet to reach other markets, although it may be of great interest to all those who habitually memorialize gatherings of friends and family and end up losing those photos in endless reels. .

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