The remains found in Oregon they seem to come from Santo Cristo de Burgos. Archaeologists know for sure, the pieces are from the ancient galleon that inspired the movie sect “The Goonies“. A success loved by whole current and past generations. The story is about a group of children who find themselves in a treasure hunt. This will lead them to find a missing ship amidst strong emotions and great dangers.

The “sweating” of this research is the result of 16 years. Subsequently, radiocarbon tests confirmed that the rays found by the archaeologists belong to the Santo Cristo de Burgos. It is a Spanish ship which sailed from Manila at the end of the seventeenth century, only to be sucked with all its cargo into the Pacific in 1963. The discovery was made 11 thousand kilometers from the galleon’s embarkation port, in Oregon.

In the movie “The Goonies” the ship called Inferno is specially made for filming. However, there was a lack of owners, so it was later destroyed. Oregon is the setting of the film which is ultimately no coincidence. THE sixteen huge remains of woodin fact, they were found 65 km from Astoria, the place chosen as the setting for the film. The fate of the Santo Cristo de Burgos will remain a mystery, which disappeared into thin air during the trip to Mexico.

Since 2006, the search for the remains of the ancient galleon began, a team of specialists led by a local cultural agency at work. Archaeologist Scott Williams was one of the first to undertake such research. Then it was fisherman Craig Andes who assumed that the sixteen wooden beams belonged to the famous galleon. Williams then repaired the heavy beams and had them analyzed. There is no doubt that the results confirmed that the ship’s mast belonged to a variety of Asian tropical timbers harvested in 1650.

Source: Lega Nerd

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