In books and movies we always find the lavender fields in Provence. Even Italy, on the other hand, is rich in these beautiful fields dotted with lilac flowers. A region teeming with lavender is the Lazioin particular the Tuscanywhich lights up with lilac every year in the summer.

For those who visit Rovigocan switch from Porto Tolle, where lavender smells from afar. In Calabriathe Lavender Park from Morano Calabros it awakens the sense of smell, but also the hearing with the hum of pollinating bees. Lavender is a natural antiseptic, but it is also anti-inflammatory. The color refers to creativity and mood benefits. Another place is Sale San Giovanniin the province Wedge. Here the lavender atmosphere is really romantic. And then Carpasioin the province Empirehouses a real museum and the lavender garden with 30 species. The Friulia of venzone owns the Lavender Palace with any type of vegetable product.

In the Pavese, Godiasco Salice Termea it enjoys a lavender hill that takes your breath away. In Emilia Romagna the Botanical Garden of Parma And the Agricamping Giardino Lilla they are perfect for unique weekends. Also Salsomaggiore Termea with his Gavinell . Botanical Garden has 450 official aromatic plants and white lavender. Corinaldoin Marchewith its fifteenth-century origins, it contains dreamy plains.

Near Spoletothe structure of the Relais Borgo Campello let guests fall in love with the lavender pillows that adorn the beds. In Molise the widespread hotel of Borgotufi (isernia) becomes magical thanks to the flower that blooms next to other plants. In Campania lavender becomes pure poetry: the lodges and floating tents of the Nabi Resort & Glamping make a fairy tale. Could the . not missing Sicilyin the suggestive setting of the Val di Notowhere lavender predominates in the nature retreat Baglio Occhipinti and becomes an elixir of infusions and herbal teas.

Source: Lega Nerd

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