One of the most anticipated electric cars, tesla cyber truck, a vehicle that is not subject to delays in addition to a few price hikes. You know that its special design, which has caused a lot of controversy, will be one of its best features.

special lines Tesla Cybertruck design has been controversial. Many users liked this steampunk style and its look like it was taken from a video game, while others do not quite fit the style of the American motor giant’s electric van.

Although the company seems to have hidden an ace up its sleeve. More than anything, because the aerodynamics of the Tesla Cybertruck could not be more complete. Or this emerges from a report published by the USA. engineer Aleix Lazaro Prat Via your LinkedIn account and where we can see it Tesla Cybertruck achieves a friction coefficient of 0.39. A scandalous figure, especially if you take into account that most purchases far exceed 0.49 points.

What is the aerodynamic coefficient and what does it do?

If you don’t know, the aerodynamic coefficient is used to measure the wind resistance of an object. And in this case, the Tesla Cybertruck really comes out on top. And most of the credit goes to its custom design.

This engineer left surprising results by seeing how Tesla Cybertruck behaved thanks to different simulation tests. To start, yestheir regular and sharp geometric shapes do not cause wind vortices as expected.

It should also be added that rear diffuser responsible for reducing the exit trail to reduce wind resistance. It is true that there is room for improvement as noted in the study carried out, but it is still a great design for an electric truck.

It should be noted that this engineer Tesla conducted tests with Cybertruck’s original designso it will be necessary to see how far this electric pickup can go with its final geometry to use a camera system that can further reduce the aerodynamic coefficient, and whether it can do without rear-view mirrors.

While they’ve managed to further improve the aerodynamics of the Tesla Cybertruck, the work done by the electric motor giant’s design team is commendable. Mainly because it will be the best electric pickup in terms of wind resistance, and that means an improvement in its autonomy, so it’s a very important feature.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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