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New trojan-infected apps found that need to be removed from your Android phone


Infectious applications are in vogue and, in fact, in recent weeks, we have seen a resurgence of a huge amount of content that was designed to steal user information. and, above all, access to privileged accounts such as bank or company credentials.

Given the situation we find ourselves in, various anti-malware companies are posting statements showing malicious apps that can be found in app stores. In the latter case, Dr.Web researchers sounded the alarm.

At the same time, 28 applications included in this list of applications containing a Trojan designed to steal information were found. This Trojan takes control of the device to such an extent that in some situations it is able to completely corrupt the terminal to death..

  • Photo Editor: Beauty Filter (gb.artfilter.tenvarnist)
  • Photo editor: retouch and cut (de.nineergysh.quickarttwo)
  • Photo Editor: Art Filters (gb.painnt.moonlightingnine)
  • Photo Editor – Design Creator (gb.twentynine.redaktoridea)
  • Photo editor and background eraser (de.photoground.twentysixshot)
  • Photo editor and Exif (de.xnano.photoexifeditornine)
  • Photo Editor – Filter Effects (de.hitopgop.sixtyeightgx)
  • Photo filters and effects (de.sixtyonecollice.cameraroll)
  • Photo Editor: Blur Image (de.instgang.fiftyggfife)
  • Photo Editor: Cut, Paste (de.fiftyninecamera.rollredactor)
  • Emoji Keyboard: Stickers & GIFs (gb.crazykey.sevenboard)
  • Neon theme keyboard (
  • Neon Theme – Android Keyboard (
  • Cache Cleaner (
  • Fancy Charging (
  • FastCleaner: Checkout Cleaner (
  • Call Skins – Caller Themes (
  • Funny Caller (
  • CallMe Phone Themes (
  • InCall: Contact background (
  • MyCall – Call personalization (
  • Caller theme (com.caller.theme.slow)
  • Caller theme (com.callertheme.firstref)
  • Funny Wallpaper – Live Screen (
  • 4K Wallpapers Auto Changer (de.andromo.ssfiftylivesixcc)
  • NewScrean: 4D Wallpaper (
  • Stock wallpapers and backgrounds (de.stockeighty.onewallpapers)
  • Notes – Reminders & Lists (

All these applications are infected with this trojan and in case any of these materials are present on the mobile phone, it is best to uninstall the application completely. On the Google App Store, most of these apps are no longer available, although three of them are still available for download..

It is logical that it is better not to download them, since they were able to bypass the Google protocol and infiltrate this application platform. In addition to eliminating them, it is also convenient to view accruals in the bank and block any types of charges from unknown addition to discussing this with the entity.

Source: Computer Hoy

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