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Spotify already offers you playlists based on your friends’ musical tastes.


Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming app, has just launched a new music personalization and recommendations feature.

A new feature called Friends Mix allows users to create playlists based on your friends’ music preferences.

This allows users to mix their musical tastes into a single playlist to bring everything together in one place. This will help users find new tracks based on what their friends are listening to.


Spotify Friends Mix | Available on iOS and PC

Maybe it reminds you of the function mixing when two users combine their favorite music tracks and combine them into a shared playlist and this new friends mix is ​​based on Blend but instead this new playlist only consists of the music your friends are listening to.

You need to create at least three mixes with friends for this feature to work, you can do this by searching for Blend in the Spotify app and clicking “Invite” to add a new friend.

Once the invitation is accepted, the app will generate a Blend playlist that mixes your musical tastes with those of your friends. After creating three of them, a new Friends Mix feature will appear.

They point out that this new mix of friends updated daily and available on Spotify on both iOS and PC, and it is not known when it will be available on Android.

This is a free feature, so any user, including free ones, will be able to use it.

Source: Computer Hoy

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