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Guide and tips for replacing a conventional mirror with a smart mirror with hundreds of functions


In addition to other types of functions, the new smart mirrors are characterized by the fact that they are able to offer us images the moment we engage reverse gear, since they are connected to the camera. In many cases, they even have a front so that we can record everything that happens on the road.

This type of mirror is highly valued today, so much so that the Highway Traffic Authority recommends its installation because it is all beneficial to the driver.

We will be able to see what is happening behind the car, record what is happening in front of us when we are driving, see GPS signals, assist driving with acceleration control systems, record maneuvers, wide viewing angle, night vision and a number of other things.

The main reason to buy a smart mirror

The reasons are many, as many as the possibilities offered by the model we have chosen, but above all three of them are really very interesting.

The first and clearest is to have Camera reverse and thus be able to see everything that happens when we perform this type of maneuver. Most of them have wide-angle type cameras, so the level of visualization is even better and much wider.

Added to this is the possibility that another camera that focuses on the front car, which will allow us to be able to record everything that happens in front of us, so that in the event of an accident, we have evidence of what happened. The recording system is usually SD or microSD card.


All this visualization, both front and rear cameras, multiplies its effectiveness, because many models have enhances night visionso even without light, both will work just fine.

The third best option is to be able to see in the mirror itself. signs our GPS (even other apps like Spotify), which can be a nice feature for those who don’t have this capability in their car or don’t have an Android Auto or Apple Car compatible screen.

Are these mirrors required?

From 2022, it is mandatory that all newly produced vehicles include the new Advanced Driving Systems (ADAS).

It is about the assistance that new car manufacturers should introduce to improve road safety and thus reduce the number of accidents.

These systems include mirrors with cameras and sensors, that is, those who are considered smart. But they should also include:

  • Blind Spot Detection: It warns us when a vehicle about to overtake us is in a part where we cannot see it in the rear view mirror.
  • Adaptive cruise control: the distance to the vehicle in front is maintained by automatic speed control.
  • Cross Traffic Alert: When leaving the parking lot, the system warns you if another car arrives.
  • Autonomous emergency brake: if it detects the possibility of a collision with a vehicle in front of us, it activates the brakes to prevent this from happening
  • Pedestrian detection system: Detects pedestrians or similar hazards and automatically activates the brakes in case of a possible accident.


How is a smart mirror installed?

In this type of mirrors, we can find two very different types when it comes to their placement in a car. There are those that, in order to place a rear view camera, depend on wiring systembut there are also wireless ones that connect to the camera via Bluetooth.

Starting with this differentiation, we see how the ones with cable are installed:

  • The first thing we must do is hold the device through some tie-downs (which are usually standard) to the rear-view mirror that our car already has, adjusting it so it’s fully centered.
  • We connect the power cable from the mirror to the cigarette lighter or USB (depending on the model), trying to pass it through the moldings so that it is not visible.
  • Connect audio and video cable toward the rear of the vehicle, following the contour of the headlining until it reaches the rear.
  • we should hook the camera using the system specified by the manufacturer. Some have screw art, although others do it with extra strong glue. Be that as it may, we will have to make at least a small hole in the body to pass the cables to the camera and those from the camera to connection to reverse lightsall according to the instructions of the mirror.


If you have one of the models that doesn’t have wiring, you can do an easier and faster installation.

You just need to do the following:

  • We will put a mirror with fixing leagues, which brings us to the very mirror that we already have.
  • Yes, we must connect power cable to cigarette lighter or USB vehicle (depending on the model) so that it receives electricity and can work.
  • Right now keep rear camera strong fixing tape, screws or hooks, as specified by the manufacturer.
  • At least one hole must be made in the body so that the camera can be connect to reverse lights our car.
  • That is, the connection between the mirror and the camera will be carried out via Bluetooth, which means that we will save the wiring that runs throughout the car.


What to look for when buying a smart mirror?

There are certain parameters that we should pay attention to when deciding to buy a smart rearview mirror in order to get the best for us and our budget.

We must consider the following:

  • Camera resolution: As we have seen, the rear camera and front camera (if there is one) are important features, so both should be of sufficient quality to clearly see everything they emit. Best of all, its resolution is 1080p.
  • AbilityA: Recording capacity should also be something we will look at in more detail, because if we have a camera that records in 1080p but with little capacity to be compatible with an SD or microSD card, we will have problems. We must have at least 42 GB.
  • wide angle: Wide-angle cameras are best, because the rendering amplitude is large in this way.
  • sensors: that it has different sensors to improve the camera, that’s very interesting. We can talk about the G-Sensor (capable of measuring static and dynamic accelerations), CCD (improves image quality), proximity sensor (allows you to detect objects that are very close) or night vision sensor (so that we can see the image well even without light) and others
  • GPS: it is a force that can make it much easier for us to move around by showing us where we should go in the rearview mirror.
  • Programs: They may also be able to install other types of apps such as Spotify to see what song is playing in the rearview mirror.

We hope that with everything we have told you, you already have a much clearer idea of ​​what they are, how they work, what characteristics they have and how smart mirrors are installed.

If your car is not the latest generation, this type of device will help you a lot.

Source: Computer Hoy

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