He is no longer alone Twitter to attack Elon Musk: Investors are now starting to make their own move. This time, one is enough, who has prepared a class action to prevent Musk from withdrawing from the agreement signed with the bird company Larry.

The person in question is Luigi Crispo, who accuses Musk of violating his fiduciary duties to investors. Recall that last month Musk tried to pull out of the deal he made for the acquisition of… Twitteralleging that the company had made false and misleading statements, especially regarding the number of fake accounts and bots.

Luigi Crispo confirms, as Twitter spokesmen did, that these accusations by Musk are completely false, made only to come back to a valid agreement. The battle for lawsuits continues as Tesla’s CEO immediately responded with a counter-charge after Twitter’s response to Musk.

Luigi Crispo currently owns 5,500 shareswith a total value to date of $223,000 ($40.55 per share) but would have been worth $300,000 with the purchase of Musk (considering the Tesla CEO would have bought them for $54.20 each ).

Source: Lega Nerd

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