Since its discovery, it has been well preserved, as it dates back to 1850 years ago. It is the discovery of a Roman bronze coin dating from the time of Emperor Antoninus Pius in the 2nd century AD. It was found near Haifa (Israel), in an underwater archaeological survey. On one side of the coin is the moon goddess and under the sign of the zodiac of the Cancer. On the other side is the decoration with the profile of Antoninus Pius, who reigned between 138 and 161. It is remembered as the most peaceful historical period of the Romans.

However, it is not the oldest Roman coin in Israel. Two years ago, archaeologists discovered a series of coins linked to the Bar Kokhba rebellion, or the third jewish war. The Marine Archeology Unit, in conjunction with the Israeli Antiquities Authority, made the discovery. The coin was found on the seabed during an antiquities conservation check in the coastal area. The Romans used coins of silver, gold, copper, bronze and orichalcum. They were very common in the Roman Republic with icons and writings engraved on them.

Numismatics expert Lior Sandberg says it could belong to someone series of 13 coins with 12 zodiac signs. One with the full zodiac wheel. According to the expert, the coin was minted in Egypt and bears the date “year eight” (the eighth reign of the sovereign Antoninus Pius, 144-145 AD). The reign of Antoninus is considered by historians to be the quietest period of the Pax Romana. Antonino Pio ruled for just two years after the end of the Bar Kokhba uprising. This emperor improved relations between Romans and Jews. According to some experts, there are also written testimonies of the deep friendship between Antoninus Pius and the leader of the Jews of the Levant, Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi.

Source: Lega Nerd

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