Sydney’s Macquarie University reveals how I video games they can be a detriment to our psychological health and social life. On the one hand, they are a safe and fun pastime that improves coordination, problem solving and memory. On the other hand, some individuals may have them dependence.

In Australia, experts confirm that tens of thousands of teenagers suffer from these conditions. In the most severe cases, young people may refuse school for a long time, have aggressive behavior to the family e self-injury. The study results prove that the most vulnerable young people who develop Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) struggle to control their gaming addiction. Many even leave the family and feel helpless in the external environment. This surveyed 900 high school students from a high school in a socially privileged neighborhood. Of these, 24 responded to video game addiction (9 girls and 14 boys).

Feeling that you don’t have much control over your environment, aren’t good at many things, and don’t have a good relationship with your parents are all risk factors for video game addiction. In connection you find your own tribe and spend time with other people. In addition, the good results achieved by playing can somehow reduce the dissatisfaction associated with the poor grades achieved in school. Finally, when young people play, they feel that they are finally in control of some aspect of their lives.

Wayne Warburton, study author and professor of developmental psychology

For the expert, young people spend too much time every day for video games. The reason is that in the virtual they find what is missing in their daily lives. The likelihood of a teen suffering from medical conditions as a result of video games increases with certain factors. These include being male, having low self-esteem and social isolation. Young people need to gain confidence and their relationships with family and friendships need to be strengthened.

Source: Lega Nerd

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