Earlier in the week, a Apple StudioImage they found an unpleasant surprise: the sound did not work as it should. A very annoying error as it does not allow the music to be played correctly. Fortunately, there is already a solution to this problem.

The truth is that Apple’s monitor has not been without controversy. Despite its high price, many criticized the lack of camera quality at launch, but eventually the bite-apple company fixed the issue with a software update.

After it was discovered, the same thing happened now. studio display issues When it comes to audio playback, Apple is working to fix this bug. And now, via the bitten apple manufacturer’s support website, you can finally fix this problem by updating your monitor.

This software update fixes audio issues on Apple Studio Display

The truth is, the company has known about the sound problems in Studio Display for a long time. The manufacturer did not offer a solution and users noticed that this malfunction was getting worse and worse. the sound stopped or did not work at all.

Now, after the release of this new firmware update, the issue should be resolved as stated in the notes:“Solves an audio issue with Studio Display.”

Unfortunately, and as always when there are issues with brand products, Apple didn’t say anything about it until they fixed the issue. Y It’s far from normal for a monitor costing 1,779 euros in Spain to experience these issues.

It’s true that this equipment is impressive, don’t forget it hides an A13 Bionic processor and 64GB of storage, but from the moment of purchase the user experience should be excellent.

How to fix sound problems on Apple Studio Display?

If you are the owner of this monitor and fix sound issues on apple studio screen, simply go to the Apple menu located at the top left. Tap the Apple logo to go to Settings.

Click the software update icon in Settings to have Apple Studio Display download the update automatically. Finally, install the available updates and you will be able to enjoy your monitor in the best conditions.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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