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WhatsApp is preparing a variant that will make the group of parents at school something less hellish


Whatsapp groups is one of those love-hate features that, after all, we’ve all experienced, groups where people with similar interests meet, and that the app also opted for so-called communities, which basically allowed you to create groups within groups. .

And the thing is, Communities is the best place to find all groups related to the same topic, but unfortunately it is also the place where our phone number can be reachable by a larger group of people.

But now, as Wabetainfo points out, WhatsApp’s new beta update for Android includes a new privacy setting in the group info section.


Now, as you can see in the screenshot, the new privacy settings indicates whether or not to share a phone number with a specific community subgrouptherefore, our phone number may remain hidden from all members when we join a community, unless an administrator previously configured it otherwise.

So when we enter the community the phone number will be completely hidden from other usersunless the administrator of this community has changed this option, which is checked by default.

In any case, this is a feature that is still in preparation and limited to the communities, so we will have to see how it will flourish and how it will be finally installed in order to protect the privacy of our phone number.

Source: Computer Hoy

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