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What is the middle lane really for and how to use it correctly to avoid fines


If we ask you right now when you can drive on the center lane of the freeway, could you answer without hesitation?

When we drive in the center lane, we do not allow other vehicles to overtake us or, depending on the speed at which we are moving, we may force vehicles to overtake us on the right side, something banned by DGT.

Driving in the middle lane can also create a dangerous situation. since you have to pay close attention to the mirror to get back into the right lane.


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The middle band has a natural utility

As a general rule, we must drive in the right lane, the rest are used to overtaking. So we could drive in the center lane as long as it is used for overtaking vehicles drive in the right lane.

In the case of driving at a speed below the maximum speed of the road in the right lane, we can move in the center lane. Although it is yes we will have to return to the right lane when possible.

This measure is due we have to make it easier to overtake and if a vehicle in the right lane wants to overtake, it will have to change lanes and return to the left lane, which can create more risky situations.

Right side if possible

The DGT explains how we should drive in the right lane: “On the road, we should drive in the far right lane and use the rest for overtaking.”

Stripes except right We must use them as little as possible. always use the signs and the correct speed so as not to interfere with the flow of traffic.

If we spend a lot of time driving in the center lane in an unreasonable manner, that is, if the right is free, will be able tell us to stop and get fined.

In conclusion, driving in the center lane leads to reckless overtaking and risky situations. These situations are exacerbated if you drive at a slower speed than recommended on the road.

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