A great thing for emergency charging of your favorite smartwatch while traveling or just in everyday life.

The capacity of this thing is 2000 mAh – you can charge the Apple Watch at least a couple of times (at least that’s what the seller says). Not bad, very good.

Joyroom keychain power bank. Shall we take it?

▶︎ Buy: 3 220 RUB 1,770


The seller claims that the device is compatible with all current smartwatch models. The only ones not mentioned are the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2.

There is also no barrage of negative feedback in the comments regarding the fact that the smartwatch does not have a charger.

However, it’s best if this thing works with a kitchen tool. Just in case.

The Joyroom keychain power bank looks very good. It is made of matte plastic and is mounted on a textile key ring.

The power bank can simply be placed in a backpack or bag. Let it be there, at least just in case.

In addition, there is also a small digital display on the case, which shows the current charge of the power bank itself.

It will be useful to understand how much “life” is left in it.

By the way, the device itself is charged via Type-C.

In general, this kind of thing is strictly preferable to all Apple Watch supporters.

Still, modern Apple smartwatches, even Ultra, do not match the real battery life.

Joyroom keychain power bank. Have to take.

▶︎ Buy: 3 220 RUB 1,770

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