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If you are planning to learn programming, this online course is probably the best way to start from scratch.


Programming and developing applications, web pages and services are industries in which the demand for workers is constantly growing, which undoubtedly attracts many people to them, people who want to learn and take their first steps.

Many study options are available, such as secondary and higher professional degrees, free and paid training courses, and all kinds of online courses on platforms like Coursera or Udemy. The latter has a specially recommended course for users starting from scratch and also costs only 11.99 euros.

It is called “Programming Fundamentals” and will help you not to learn to program, but to lay the foundations necessary in order to subsequently learn how to handle any of the nine programming languages ​​that are considered and have common concepts.

Udemy Programming Fundamentals Course

It is taught by José Javier Villena, one of the most popular and respected coding instructors on Udemy. It is structured from the simplest to the most complex, starting with the types of existing languages ​​and their features, and ending with something much more complex, such as handling variables, constants, and object-oriented programming.

This is a highly recommended (and cheap) first step to get familiar with programming and languages ​​like JavaScript or Python. before deciding whether to move on and which language or learning path to take.

It barely has 3.5 hours of on-demand video that you can watch however you want, whenever you want, on any device you want, with some exercises to put the concepts shown into practice and make them easier to digest.

Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be ready to tackle more complex issues and perhaps have a much more hands-on bootcamp teaching languages ​​and code per se, which is much more rewarding than if you were in that sector.

There are many languages ​​that almost guarantee high performance, such as JavaScrip and Python, although it depends exactly what you want to do with them.

Source: Computer Hoy

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