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How to know if any of your accounts have been hacked and what to do to recover it, according to the OCU


Having an email account, accessing online banking, or signing up for a service is the responsibility of the user, who should keep their credentials in safe places and try not to always use the same password on many other services to avoid being hacked.

And it is likely that you have even been hacked before without you even realizing it, which is why the OCU gives you a series of tips so that you know if your social media accounts or platforms of any kind are safe and what to do if your access to any of the services was stolen.

And it’s important that you know if you’ve been hacked or data leaked, and in many cases the user doesn’t even realize it.


What is a security key?

In some cases, the hacker will contact all of your contacts in order to apply some kind of scam to them, for example phishing using the fact that you use your account and your friends trust you.

If you have a lot of social media followers, it is likely that they will even demand a ransom to recover the account, which does not guarantee you regain control of it if you end up paying.

It could also be a hacker who directly wants to play with you and all he does is post pictures on your social media or mess around with all your friends.

Although in most cases, once they enter your account, you will lose access.

That’s why OCU gives you tips so that you can recover your account and the first thing you should do is use the “I forgot my password” option on the service that you can no longer access.

With this you will receive a password reset email where you can reset it. On the other hand, if the hacker has already used this feature, you can access your email to find that password change email and revert the change.

If you cannot access the above function, you must report what happened to you from the same platform on which you were contactedso that administrators themselves restart your user and return access to your account to you.

It’s convenient that you notify your contacts that you’ve been hacked so that they don’t fall into traps and something very important: if you use the same credentials to access other services, change your login and password there too.

Source: Computer Hoy

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