NASA is assembling its new rocket called the Space Launch System.

SLS sends around the moon an unmanned spacecraft called Orion on a long mission called Artemis 1. The main purpose of the mission is to meet that new rocket and spacecraft to send astronauts to the moon in anticipation of the mission, to create infrastructure to support future exploration of the moon and deep space.

This will use an iPad to test Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in an Orion heat shield.

An experiment called Callisto demonstrates how consumer technology can integrate with future spacecraft. Amazon Alexa and WebEx by Cisco Republican Technical Security Service

Demo stand with iPad inside

The iPad will be a warrior as an astronaut talking to Alexa. This is how NASA describes the process:

Participants used the question demonstration by asking Alexa or completing the task in front of a console with a camera and microphone. Their images and voices will be streamed from the flight control position in Orion, where the video of the participants will be on the tablet and then the audio will play dynamically and Alexa will capture the audio and respond.

On the morning of August 29, NASA deliberately uses SLS and Orion on the Artemis 1 mission. [9to5]

Source: Iphones RU

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