A new study reveals that a food supplement is able to reduce the risk of hereditary cancer. It seems that the merit is due to the preventive effect ofresistant starch included in the supplement. What is resistant starch? It is found in foods such as breakfast cereals, cooked and refrigerated pasta or rice, beans, peas and light green bananas.

A regular dose of resistant starch is also known as fermentable fiber. It has been proven that if taken for an average of two years, it does not affect the colon cancer, reducing more than half of cancers elsewhere. The beneficial effect is especially evident for cancer of the upper gastrointestinal tract. The study analyzed 1,000 patients with Lynch syndrome worldwide. This syndrome increases the risk of developing cancer. The surprising curiosity was that of the duration: 10 years after I stopped taking the supplement.

We have found that resistant starch reduces a range of cancers by more than 60%. The effect was most evident in the upper gut. This is important because cancers in the upper gastrointestinal tract are difficult to diagnose and often go undetected.


The study participants (between 1999-2005) were divided into three different groups. One group took powdered resistant starch every day for two years, another took aspirin and the last a placebo. In the end, there was no difference between the groups, so the research team chose a 10-year period to improve the analysis.

It was found that those who took a regular dose of resistant starch reduced the risk of developing cancer by 60%. Especially those of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Resistant starch intake may come in powder form as a supplement. The dose is equal to one banana per day, before overripening the fruit.

THE benefits of resistant starch are varied for health and contain fewer calories than traditional starch. Scientists believe that resistant starch may reduce cancer progression. It can do this by reducing bile acids that can damage DNA, leading to disease.

Source: Lega Nerd

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