Congress The US admitted that some UFOs are not man-made, although he acknowledges that some of them are of human origin. As reported motherboardThe Fiscal Year 2023 Intelligence Authorization Act, which is nothing more than the U.S. secret services budget, includes a section that talks about “unidentified aerospace and underwater phenomena.”

While the document criticizes the Department of Defense for being slow to set up a UFO investigation unit, it contains an important discovery. Congress recognizes that there are unidentified objects that were not created by man. Although the Committee does not indicate that they are of extraterrestrial origin, it acknowledges that some of them are “unattributed”.

Unattributed temporary objects, or those positively identified as man-made after analysis, will be turned over to the appropriate authorities and should not be considered defenseless.

Congress mentions that cross-domain transmedia threats are exponentially expanding and pose a threat to US national security. Earlier, the Pentagon released a report on various encounters with “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs), the name they give to UFOs.

A few months ago, two intelligence officers from the Identification and Air Control Group reported to Congress that there are more than 400 observations. One of them said that while there is no evidence of their extraterrestrial origin, such a possibility is not excluded. Officers stated at a public hearing that they are open to all hypotheses and conclusions they might find.

US thinks UFOs will be advanced aircraft from China or Russia

Despite reports and work done in recent months, the House Intelligence Subcommittee is not satisfied with the progress made. One of lawmakers’ biggest fears is that UFOs could new generation air systems, or hypersonic weapons developed by China or Russia.

The identification, classification and scientific study of unidentified aerospace and underwater phenomena is inherently a complex interagency and interdisciplinary problem that requires an integrated or collaborative approach from the intelligence community and the Department of Defense.

The document mentions that the groups previously created to investigate UFOs will become Office of the joint program of unidentified underwater-aerospace phenomena. According to Congress, this change reflects a wider range of efforts to find out the truth about this phenomenon.

According to the Pentagon, cross-domain transmedia threats are objects that can travel through water, air, and space in ways we don’t understand. The study of these phenomena is not only focused on the sky, as it has been for decades. A leaked video taken from a US Navy ship shows a UFO entering the sea near San Diego.

Added to this NASA is also investigating the origin of UFOs, albeit from a scientific point of view. The US space agency has announced that it will create an independent group to study events involving aircraft or known natural phenomena. Like Congress, NASA recognizes that there is no evidence that they are aliens.

However, scientists believe that more data needs to be collected and carefully analyzed. NASA has the tools and equipment needed to solve the UFO mystery, although it will take some time to learn about their first finds.

Source: Hiper Textual

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