In Australia, the deepest Australian cave. It is located in Tasmania’s Niggly-Growling Swallet Caves in the Junee-Florentine Karst area. The depth is from 401 meters and was baptized Delta variant. The preparation for the descent took many months, while the actual descent took 14 hours.

Delta Variant beats Niggly Cave, which held the previous Australian record (397 metres). However, the record is the Veryovkina, the cave in Georgia in Abkhazia with its 2,212 meters. Before the discovery of Delta Variant, scientists had to deal with many problems when descending, such as high water levels due to recent snowfall.

About 300 meters altitude was descended on ropes, then climbed laboriously, with heavy backpacks full of wet and muddy ropes. Until six months ago, no one knew this cave existed. Despite decades of exploration in the area, Tasmanian caves still hold many secrets. There is still much to do. We’ve only just started, but we’re not done exploring the cave yet.

Stephen Fordyce, project organizer

The name Delta variant is derived from the period in which it was discovered by the team of experts, namely during the period of the Covid-19 Delta variant. Each part of the cave was given different names. The first is “Test Station Queue” and it is 300 meters, the last stretch is called “Freedom Day”, in tribute to the Melbournians on the journey. Another news about caves worldwide: in Chili recently opened immense gap in the bottom of 200 meters deep. Everything happened suddenly, still the reason is unknown, but maybe a nearby mine would have something to do with it.

Source: Lega Nerd

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