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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Twitter wanted to jump on the explicit content bandwagon and was about to launch its own OnlyFans.

Twitter wanted to jump on the explicit content bandwagon and was about to launch its own OnlyFans.


Explicit content sells, OnlyFans knows this and relies on it to make their platform one of the most profitable.. Considering all the implications that this entails, it is strange that social networks such as Twitter, where this type of material abounds without any oversight or management, did not consider creating a platform of this type.

To the surprise of many Twitter was about to launch its own version of OnlyFans. Yes, you read it right. Twitter had a behind-the-scenes plan whereby it would allow content creators of this type to monetize their explicit posts on the social network, which Elon Musk wanted to buy and now chooses not to do.

The information comes from an investigation by The Verge and details how Twitter wanted the platform to work. Among his plans was the creation of a subscription model, whereby profiles who choose to become part of this initiative will have to set prices for their subscriptions..


Avoid spoilers on Twitter

Twitter will earn a small percentage of these prices, as does OnlyFans itself or other platforms that offer content on a subscription model, such as Twitch or even Twitter itself with Twitter Blue. With all these cards on the table, why didn’t Twitter OnlyFans show up?

According to The Verge, despite the creation of a dedicated adult content management team dubbed “Adult Content Monetization”, Twitter’s OnlyFans initiative did not become a reality for two reasons. Firstly, it is a possible loss of advertisers within the social network..

Finding ads from companies on a social network that offers explicit content on demand doesn’t give a good image to companies that pay because those ads reach a lot of people, which is one of the reasons Twitter had to address. The report also mentions that subscriber growth is offsetting advertiser losses.

The second reason is that in order to offer explicit content on a social network, the platform must conscientiously manage what is published.. Twitter was shocked to learn that the social network is overflowing with explicit content that is often illegal or offensive.

Since the social network is overflowing with this type of content, it is not possible to offer a secure subscription for both creators and stakeholders, in essence, Despite Twitter’s efforts, the report shows that the social network was unable to determine whether the content was within the law. or if, on the contrary, it suggests a violation of its policy.

OnlyFans Twitter will forever remain in the imagination of some users and the social network itself.. It’s no surprise that this hasn’t been followed, although it’s surprising that little bird’s social network can’t do anything about the amount of explicit content that fills its platform, which is illegal in many cases.

Source: Computer Hoy

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