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The long-awaited feature finally becomes a reality: Twitter will add a button to edit tweets


The day has come, Twitter confirms that the ability to edit tweets will appear sooner rather than later. The feature that thousands of users have been waiting for on Little Bluebird’s social network is finally coming to fruition, and they announced it with a tweet that many initially took as a joke.

Reactions to what was commented on Twitter varied, although disbelief was the most common among them.. And the fact is that in April of this year, a big request was made on Twitter about whether edited tweets would make it to the social network in the future, and his answer was a confirmation that created even more doubts.

It seems that from April to September a lot has changed and, fortunately, for the better. Now editable tweets are in the works and, in fact, in a tweet posted by Twitter itself There have been talks that these messages are starting to appear and users should not be afraid as this is part of the process.


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There is not much information about how it will appear or when it will appear, but it is clear that edited tweets will become a reality. Of course, everything points to the fact that, at least initially, it will be a paid option or considered premium. Twitter itself has commented that there is now a group testing the feature..

After the initial tests, the edited tweets will reach other users, these are those who have Twitter Blue and therefore pay a premium subscription to Twitter. Come on, first it will start to cover people who pay users, and then the rest of Twitter users. therefore it is advisable to keep expectations to a minimum.

How edited tweets will work has gradually become known, in fact, It has been observed that tweets can be edited freely and as many times as necessary within the first 30 minutes of their life.. These changes will be placed in a tag that will indicate to other users that the tweet has been edited.

Twitter wants other people to know that while they can edit tweets, doing so will leave a trail that can’t be deleted.. For now, we need to be patient to find out everything that will come with this novelty from the hands of Twitter. Things will go very slowly, so you just need to be patient.

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