Soon Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y they will no longer have the shifter and turn signals, reflecting the changes they made with the 2021 Model S and Model X refresh. Chris Zhengwhich in the past disclosed confirmed information about the company’s plans for the future.

Everything will be based on touch buttons. In the case of turn signals indicating a lane change, they will be on the steering wheel. In the event of a gear shift, it will be located on the vehicle’s touch screen, in a vertical bar on the left edge of the GUI.

With this change Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y They will also debut with an automatic shift feature. A car using artificial vision and a destination marked on the map is smart enough to select the correct gear when you hit the road. Elon Musk advanced in 2021 that the latter will be available for all vehicles with a complete autonomous driving package. What will not come is the steering wheel yoke. They will keep the traditional circulars.

In fact, we’ve seen Tesla steering wheels with a round shape and touch buttons in the past. This appeared in a leaked video that was posted a few months ago, although it matched the S Plaid test model.

The Tesla Model S has no levers. The indicators are controlled from the steering wheel, and the gears from the central screen.

Tesla has been working for years to remove the levers

Tesla For several years, he worked on removing the turn signal or gear levers. In 2020, they patented a steering wheel with tactile feedback buttons, like trackpads on MacBooks and many other laptops. They don’t have physical movement, but mimic the feeling of pressing a button.

Although the final version of the steering wheel with touch buttons Model C and Model X It doesn’t look like a patent timeline if it matches Tesla’s proposals for a different system for some aspects of driving.

Tesla tactile button patent graphics
Tesla tactile button patent graphics

According to Chris Zheng’s leak, the change will happen to the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y from 2023. But, according to information from Driving a Tesla in Canadathe change, if it occurs, may occur later.

Regardless of the date Tesla’s leverless driving system arrives, it will be as controversial as the introduction of the steering wheel. yoke in Model S and Model X. Opinions about the effectiveness of this alternative will be blurred, but this has two important advantages.

First, over time Tesla may optimize and improve the GUI of the on-screen shift system —because it is 100% software—. And it will always be beneficial to the owner.

Secondly, reducing the number of mechanical parts inside the car, which inevitably wear out. The fewer physically moving components in a hardware system, the better, as they will last much longer, require less maintenance, and their behavior can be changed with a software update.

Source: Hiper Textual

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