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HTML5, CSS3 and everything you need for web development in one online course: over 110,000 students


Obviously, there are professions that have a better future than others, and everything points to the fact that web and web application development is a sector that will have a high employability for a long time, so more and more people are trying to make their way in it, something is not easy if you start from scratch or if your first steps are not adequate.

Many platforms offer online courses to get you started, such as MIT’s edX or Udemy, which is very popular in Spain. In both cases, the repertoire is wide to learn different languages ​​or direct you directly to certain professions.

If web development is your thing, for example, there’s a very helpful course from Udemy with over 60 hours of video covering tools like HTML5, CSS3 and, oddly enough, PHP.

Complete web development using HTML5, CSS3, JS, AJAX, PHP and MySQL.

This programming language is still one of the most popular in the world, especially in the world of web development, due to the many possibilities that exist, although it has gradually given way to JavaScript.

However, it doesn’t hurt to look into it if you plan on working on it in the future, even if it’s just a basic idea of ​​how it works. With CSS3, HTML, MySQL and more, you’ll have a solid foundation from which to learn JavaScript and everything you need to build web pages from scratch on your own..

One of the benefits of web development is that you don’t have to think only about its usefulness to create web pages for desktop as well as mobile editions and then adapt and convert them into mobile apps with the most popular tools in the sector.

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Obviously, you will need additional training and exercises to improve your technique. Within the course, there are several tasks to test that you are learning a little, although this will probably not be enough.

Fortunately, if there is something in abundance, it is a community ready to help and solve doubts and problems for those who are just starting their journey in this world.

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