Apple has officially unveiled the new one iPhone 14 Pro And iPhone 14 Pro Max. The old notch has been replaced by the new pill module that can dynamically adapt itself to the type of content being played on the screen.

The heart of the new iPhone 14 Pro is the chip A16 Bionic (made at 4nm) with 6-core CPU: two high-performance cores that consume 20% less power than on the A15 Bionic and 4 efficiency cores that according to Apple use “about a third the power of competing chips.” The chip is flanked by a 16-core NPU.

The new iPhone 14 Pro has a new screen that supports mode for the first time always-on display, has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a maximum brightness of 2000 nits. The new AoD mode allows you to display some customizable widgets on the screen even when the phone is locked. Translated: the screen never goes dark – at least the user doesn’t want it to – but it always shows some useful information – like the time and calendar – and notifications. This is because the phone can reach a very low refresh rate, minimizing the impact of the screen on the battery.

Instead of the notch, we find two holes, which house the Face ID sensors and a new front camera, respectively. Apple calls this new solution”Dynamic Island‘: Can be used to display information from background apps, such as the music player or Maps.

Apple has also completely revamped the photographic sector. The 48MP main camera with quad pixels (f/1.78, focal length at 24mm). The quad-pixel sensor is 65% larger than that of the iPhone 13 Pro. The camera takes 12 MP photos, but can capture more light. In addition, Apple claims that the new sensor enables a true 2x zoom with a focal length of 48mm. Then we find an ultra-wide 12MP, f/2.2, 1.4um pixel and 13mm focal length. The two new iPhone 14 Pro can record photos in ProRAW format at 48MP.

Like the other products presented tonight, the two new iPhone 14 Pro are also equipped with the function crash detection and with the new one satellite link (US and Canada only) for emergency communications.

In Italy, the iPhone 14 Pro starts at €1,339, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch screen starts at €1,489. Both are already available to book via the official Apple website. They are available in four colors: space black, silver, gold and dark purple.

Source: Lega Nerd

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