lull a crying baby it’s a challenge. And keeping him asleep once he calms down is already the key to getting to the expert level. Each person has their own tricks to calm their children. If they work for them, then there is nothing more to say. However, in order to provide generalized solutions, a group of scientists from RIKEN Center for Brain Sciencesin Japan, studied what is the best option from a scientific point of view.

They conducted their study, which is now published in Current biology, both in baby mice and children, with similar results. Focusing on those who are of interest to us, that is, people, they analyzed various typical situations in order to put them to sleep, measuring changes in their heart rate.

The way babies need to communicate and show their discomfort is by crying. However, your heart rate can also give us a lot of interesting information. How to discover that perfect trick euthanize them based on two keys: walk and sing victory too soon.

The best way to put a crying baby to sleep

To conduct this study, its authors took several pairs of mother and child and asked the first to put their babies to bed in typical ways: walk with him in your arms, in a stroller or sitting. The goal was to test the reactions of the smallest ones, so two methods were used. A camera was placed on one side, with which one could see the visible reaction of each of them. On the other hand, each child was associated with ECG suitable for them.

Babies did not always cry, so three states were distinguished: crying, being awake and calm or sleeping. So they could see that the reactions were very different depending on what state they were in before.

It has been observed that the best way to put them to sleep while they are crying is walk with them. In fact, after five minutes, all the members who were in tears had already fallen asleep. Besides, it’s not surprising that his pulse dropped a lot. But the most curious thing is that in those babies who were awake and calm, this effect was not observed. If their mothers tried to put them to sleep by walking, their heart rate increased and it became much more difficult to put them to sleep.

Don’t shout victory too fast.

Another important fact learned from this study is that when babies showed a greater increase in heart rate, it was when their mothers finally they stayed in the cradle. Also, if they hadn’t already entered a deep enough sleep, they would often wake up at that point and start to get nervous again.

So we also set about calculating the best time to let them sleep in the crib. Logically, the data varied by infant, but it was clear that, on average, mothers had to stay in the same place with them. 8 minutes before knocking them down.

In other words, the best way to put a crying baby to sleep Calm him down with a 5-minute walk on your hands, followed by an 8-minute sitting. before putting him to bed.


Device to put your baby to sleep

Given that babies’ heart rates provide very interesting data for knowing when and how to put them to bed, the next goal for these scientists is for parents to be able to replicate at home what they did in the lab.

To do this, as explained in the statement, they are working on portable device which measures the heart rate of babies and displays the results on a mobile phone. This will be a new open front in wearables. It is no longer just measuring our sleep, counting the steps we take, or measuring our heart rate. Perhaps in the future we will be able to put children to sleep using smartwatches. Surely more than one person would be ready to give all their money. Until that happens, however, a little advice gleaned from this study is a good start. Plus it’s free. What else do you need?

Source: Hiper Textual

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